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You can help improve Global Warming Art, and this page helps to explain how.


Suggesting content

The easiest thing you can do to help this site is to suggest existing data or images that might be useful for inclusion. Please send such suggestions to Usually, new images are only included if they either add something new that this site does not otherwise cover or if they are of especially high quality.

It is very helpful if you also include a summary of where the data comes from and why it is significant. If we are not able to verify the origin and reliability of the information, we won't be able to use it.

In most cases, if someone else's image is suggested, we won't use it unless we can secure a free content license that allows (at least) for the free reuse and redistribution of the image for noncommercial purposes. If you are the owner of the image and would like to offer such permission, please see "Providing your own content" below.

Making new figures & images

It can be time consuming to make custom figures and images. If you wish to create new images to be donated to this site, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Content should be verifiable - data used should be referenced to published sources that any one could, in principle, track down. Such sources need not be accessible online, though it helps.
  • Content should be accurate - material should not contain known factual errors (except possibly when used to highlight the differences in relation to more recent/corrected data).
  • Content should not be misleading - the composition of a figure or image should not be designed to suggest conclusions that the data do not support.
  • Content should be easy to understand - compositions should avoid being unnecessarily cluttered or presenting material in a way that is hard to understand when a simpler way is available.
  • Content should be attractive - Attention should be given to making images look good.
  • Content should not be redundant - As above, images which simply duplicate existing content on this site may not necessarily be accepted.

Contributors who are not able to create a crisp final product, may consider collecting and organizing data (for example, in Microsoft Excel) and sending that data to this site for final preparation. However, given the time and effort involved in preparing each figure, sending only data may result in a substantial delay.

Regardless of whether one is sending a completed image or just a collection of data, it should be accompanied by a description that of what is being shown, the source(s) of the information, and any significant manipulations that were performed.

Potential contributors are encouraged to discuss possible creations in advance in order to help ensure that the work will obtain a high standard for quality and accuracy. Though we welcome any help we can get, this site is under no obligation to use any images given to it, and we reserve the sole right to decide what material should be included on this site.

Providing your own content

Sending images and text you already have

One way to build Global Warming Art is for you to add to it. Since it is part of our mission to provide easily reused content, we ask that provided content allow unrestricted educational and noncommercial use. People knowledgable in the art of copyright may refer to licensing your content, or if you prefer, simply send us your materials and we discuss the details via email.

Donations of material and/or prepared data should be directed to

Questions and concerns can be directed to

Direct involvement

Scientifically knowledgable individuals interesting in making a sustained contribution may request the ability to edit Global Warming Art directly. For more information see Joining Global Warming Art.

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