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This page documents new content and events related to Global Warming Art.

April 2008

Late April

Following positive coverage of the Sea Level Rise Explorer from Google Maps Mania, TreeHugger, and Salon.com, this site broke all of its historical traffic records. However, the site was also straining under the load. As a result, it was decided that it was time to update the infrastructure that runs the site. As of now, Global Warming Art should be settled into a nice new server that should offer better responsiveness and capacity under load. During this transition, a number of bugs were also fixed and some of the technical capacities have also upgraded. For example, this site now has a native capacity to handle SVGs and render mathematical formula in the same way Wikipedia does.

Hopefully this new server will more than meet our needs and provide room for growth moving forward.

April 2

Added a satellite image of Antarctica, Image:Antarctica Satellite Map.jpg.

March 2008

March 30

Added Borehole Temperature.png and Boreholes Locations.png showing a temperature reconstruction based on borehole temperature measurements and the locations of measured boreholes around the globe.

March 29

Added Thermohaline circulation.png showing the pattern of thermohaline circulation across the global ocean.

March 3

After a while in development, I have created an interactive Sea Level Rise Explorer that uses Google Maps and provides a tool for examining the potential for sea level rise around the globe.

January 2008

January 6

I have added the ability for visitors to this site to suggest edits to pages and upload new images. In both cases, visitor contributions are placed in a "sandbox" and not publicly displayed until they have been reviewed and approved manually. The relevant links to reach these features now appear both on the navigation bar at the top of the page (under "Contribute") and in the toolbox (lower left).

I also fixed the Captcha bug that was preventing "Email this page" from working.

December 2007

December 15

Added Global Population.png showing a graph of the history of global population and projections to 2100.

December 14

Reorganized the interface to place main navigation tools in a bar at the top.

December 7

Reorganized list of all images by breaking it into parts and created Category:Image lists.

Added a "random image" widget to the sidebar, as part of the continuing tinkering with site layout.

December 4

We are beginning an experiment into using Google Ads to generate income. We will be watching this closely to evaluate the income generated relative to the apparent bias associated with the advertised content.

December 2

Uploaded Bear Glacier.jpg, Northwestern Glacier.jpg and Pedersen Glacier.jpg to expand the collection of glacier comparison photos.

November 2007

November 26

Uploaded Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb.jpg and Incandescent Light Bulb.png, show examples of each type of light bulb.

Created Annual Average Temperature Map.jpg, Temperature versus Latitude.png, and Temperature versus Elevation.png. These shows a global temperature climatology and how temperature changes versus latitude and elevation.

November 18

Created Antarctica Without Ice Sheet.png showing a topographic map of what Antarctica would look like without an ice sheet.

November 12

Added 2007 Arctic Sea Ice.jpg from NASA comparing the 2007 Arctic sea ice minimum to previous years.

Created Antarctic Climate Change.jpg showing temperature change in Antarctica since 1970.

August 2007

August 11

Created Argo Float Network.png showing the coverage of the Argo float network used in studying oceanic climatology.

July 2007

July 29

Created Electricity Use By State.png showing a comparison of the electricity use by the various US states over time.

Update what's new, including filling in missing information back to February 2006.

July 27

Created Nuclear Power History.png showing the history of the development of nuclear power.

July 15

Created Deglaciation.png showing the lag between temperature change and carbon dioxide changes during glacial terminations.

July 7

Created the Sea Level Rise Maps Gallery and the eight associated images.

July 6

Update the contact page to include a mailing address.

June 2007

June 11

Created Atmospheric Transmission.png, Atmosphere Transmission Blackbody Only.png, and Atmospheric Absorption Bands.png, showing the absorption bands in the Earth's atmosphere and how that creates a difference between downgoing solar radiation and upgoing thermal radiation.

June 9

Created Solar Spectrum.png showing the specturm of solar radiation.

Uploaded Ultraviolet Sun.jpg as a representative image of the sun as seen from ultraviolet.

May 2007

May 1

Added Blue Marble.jpg, a picture of the Earth from space.

April 2007

Began the process of creating a seperate references namespace.

February 2007

February 11

Added a missing page to Image:Arrhenius.pdf, and reduced the file size.

February 2

Updated Image:Instrumental Temperature Record.png and Image:Short Instrumental Temperature Record.png to include 2006 data.


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