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Starting December 2007, we will be experimenting with Google Ads.

This is motivated primarily by the poor performance of donations during the last six months. The performance of the ads versus their potential for bias with be closely watched during the next few months.

Given that global warming is a highly politicized topic, taking any advertising revenue is potentially problematic. For the moment we will be using Google as a "Chinese wall", i.e. a barrier between the site operators and the funders. With Google choosing a diverse array of advertisers, it should provide a reduced potential for bias, rather than being dependant on any specific large donors or advertisers.

For that reason we are not currently accepting advertising for specific companies.

For the most part, we also won't be trying to filter the Google results, because frankly who has the time. However, we might decide to block specific sites if we notice (or someone points out) that they are using advertising to promote a highly unscientific agenda.

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