Global Warming Art:Embedding Sea Level Images

From Global Warming Art

It is possible and simple to embed images from the Sea Level Rise Explorer on external websites.

This can be accomplished by placing the following HTML on your web page:

<iframe src="" width="500" height="400"></iframe>

Where the critical option is "embed=1".

Example of the embedded display

Additional options

In addition, the embedded version can use all of the same options to set the view as generated by the "Link to this view" line on the main Sea Level Rise Explorer page. For example, the following code will generate an embedded image focused on Louisiana:

<iframe src=""
 width="500" height="500"></iframe>

Please note that only the first term in the string uses a "?", the following terms use a "&" separator.

The iframe height and width are measured in pixels. The height is allowed to be up to 550 pixels. The width must be at least 470 pixels and can be as large as 700 pixels. Attempts to specify larger sizes will result in a truncated display. In addition, you can use other options in the iframe specification.

By default, the image displayed in the embedded window can be manipulated as a normal Google Map, i.e. scrolled and zoomed. If you would prefer a static display, you can also add "static=1" to provide only a fixed display. We prefer this option be used when reasonable as it cuts down on the bandwidth requirements for serving this content.

Conditions on Use

Those using this material on their website(s) are asked to obey the following restrictions.

  1. Any web page showing this content must be open to the public without fee, registration, or any other barrier to visitors.
  2. The content must be visible in its entirety without using any techniques to obscure or modify the provided content.

In addition, we reserve the right to discontinue providing this content to any or all web pages should we decide that providing it creates too great a burden on our server resources.