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Original works created for this site will usually be licensed under the "Global Warming Art License" which distinguishes different classes of use for different potential applications.

The three classes of use are "academic and non-commercial", "free content", and "commercial". The first two classes allow for broad reuse at no cost to the publisher and with no prior approval. The third class governs most commercial projects, and provides instructions for obtaining usage rights for a nominal fee.

Academic and non-commercial use

Images licensed under the "Global Warming Art License" may be freely used in any academic work where the author does not receive a fee. This includes journal publications and academic presentations. In addition the images may be used in any other form of non-commercial publication (See: Global Warming Art:Non-commercial).

In both cases authors are expected to follow these two simple rules:

  • You should provide an acknowledgment alongside the image to both Global Warming Art and the image's author. The recommended format is something like "Image created by Robert A. Rohde / Global Warming Art" but this may be varied to conform with a publication's style.

Academic authors are also invited to cite the source data and any other associated references when they feel doing so is useful to their publication. This information will generally be available on the image description page.

Authors of academic and non-commercial works may also request higher resolution and or vector graphics versions of images. Such requests will be filled, at no cost, when it is reasonable to do so.

Free content

Free content refers specifically to projects that create new work under a copyleft licensing scheme such as Wikipedia. The allowed free content licenses are:

In each case, it is expected that the totality of the work will be provided under the free content license, thus ensuring that new content is created for future users. The specifics of these licenses vary, but in each case, the reuser is still expected to acknowledge Global Warming Art and provide a reference back to this site.

Since these licenses require that the resulting works be available for free redistribution, such licenses are unsuitable for most commercial projects.

Commercial Use

Most images created for Global Warming Art may be licensed for commercial use at a nominal fee that supports the operation and development of this work. Persons interested in obtaining such a license may contact You are encouraged to provide the following information:

  • Name of the image or images required
  • Name, nature, and target audience of the publication it is intended to appear in
  • Approximate size of the print run or distribution
  • Region and/or language of distribution
  • Any additional rights requested

For examples of third party publishers who have used materials created for Global Warming Art see image use by others.