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Global Warming Art has been growing. As its complexity increases, so does the need for more talented contributors to improve this project. Scientifically talented individuals (preferably those with graduate or professional experience related to climate change issues) can ask for the right to join Global Warming Art's volunteer staff and contribute directly to this project.


People asking to join the project should want to make things better here over the long term. If you are just have a few corrections in mind, or something you want to donate, you can always point these out over email.

GWArt is a small community (and has been largely a one man show), because of this it is best if you have some idea or project in mind for what you want to do. Improving image descriptions is an obvious place to start. For the graphically talented creating new content is also an option. There are also a variety of housekeeping tasks like categorization and bibliography organization that could use attention. For the truly ambitious, you can propose new kinds of content you would like to develop for this site.

If you are going to work on scientific content, you should have relevant training/experience. Please note relevant credentials when contacting us.

This is a site about the science understanding of climate change. It is not a site for advocacy of political agendas. We try to avoid emotional language and try to paint a full picture of the science even when it is murky and complicated. If you want to use this site to push an agenda or advance a cause, please go somewhere else.

This is a very small community, so contributors will mostly do their own things, though they are encouraged to check up on each other's actions using the technology provided. Disputes are settled through discussion when possible and dictatorial fiat when necessary.

The technology used here is a lightly modified version of Mediawiki, the software that runs Wikipedia, so experience with Wikipedia will make things easier.


Membership in this wiki is by invitation only. To join, please send some information about yourself, your scientific interests, and what you would like to work on to

Expect to receive some questions and additional introductory material.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to this site.

Other options

If you don't feel like becoming a regular contributor here is the right thing for you, you can also simply send content and suggestions to us via email.

Further information: Information for potential contributors