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If you are a photographer, graphic artist, writer, or scientist and have existing materials you would like to contribute material to Global Warming Art, then the first step is deciding how you are willing to see your work used.

If you want to help, but don't already have materials prepared, please see the information for potential contributors.

Providing a free license

One of the guiding principles of this site is that the content appearing here should be "free", in the sense of at least providing unrestricted use for noncommercial and educational purposes.

At this time, all text contributions must be licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), which preserves your right to be attributed for material you have written, but does not allow you to restrict how it is used, modified, or redistributed. This is the same license used by Wikipedia. Materials published under the GFDL must be accompanied with a paper copy of (or link to) the Text of the GNU Free Documentation License whenever republished or reused.

For images, unlike text, there are a number of options:

  1. GFDL - same as above
  2. Creative Commons - choose any combination of the following options:
    1. Attribution (BY) - requires that the author(s) be acknowledged
    2. Noncommercial (NC) - Prohibits commercial use.
    3. No derivatives (ND) - Prohibits modifying the image to create derivative versions.
    4. Share alike (SA) - Allows derivative versions, but requires that they also be licensed under the same CC terms as the original
  3. Public domain - relinquish all rights to your images
  4. Transfer ownership - Donate the image and rights to it to this site, and let us determine how licensing is handled.

At the present time, most images created for Global Warming Art are dual-licensed under both GFDL and Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, which provides third parties the right to choose either license depending on what best meets their needs. In practice, this combination allows for use in most noncommercial, educational, and free content situations, but retains for the author some of the commercial rights that would ordinarily be associated with the material. If you wish to relinquish all potential commercial rights, Creative Commons BY-SA or public domain may be better options.

When offering to license content to this site, please choose one or more of the above options. In some cases, we may consider accepting other possible licenses or restrictions, but preference is given to these because they have well defined legal meanings. In all cases, the contributor will be plainly identified and any reasonable statement of attribution included.

Finally, it should be noted that Global Warming Art does not pay to purchase content.

Sending materials

Donations of material and/or prepared data should be directed to

Questions and concerns can be directed to

Direct involvement

Scientifically trained and knowledgeable people who want to get directly involved in a more sustained way, may request access to edit GWArt content directly. For more information, refer to the Global Warming Art:information for potential contributors.