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As of April 2008, Global Warming Art has started mirroring selected Wikipedia pages related to climate change. The goal is to create at this site a more comprehensive resource regarding climate change, and help people more easily search for the content they are interested in. It should also help people see more ways that the imagery on this site might be used.

The pages that are copied from Wikipedia are prefixed with the label "Wikipedia:" in their page name as well as having identifying markers at the top and bottom of the page. All text from Wikipedia is copyright by its respective authors and licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

This site makes no special assertion regarding the validity of Wikipedia's content and we have not checked it for accuracy. So, judge it for what it is, and when important always confirm the facts with the references and independent sources.

For a variety of reasons, the local copies of Wikipedia pages that appear here may be slightly different than the current copy on Wikipedia:

  • The content here may be slightly out of date as the local copies are updated less frequently than Wikipedia itself.
  • Certain tags related to editing Wikipedia are automatically removed from the local copies here as they are unnecessary on this site.
  • Category tags are removed as they conflict with the category system being built on this site.
  • For images, the version currently featured on this site may be used even if a different version is currently being used on Wikipedia.
  • Various stylistic changes related to different configuration settings.
  • A few unresolved rendering bugs.
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