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This page documents new content and events related to Global Warming Art.

February 2009

After a long break, I am going to to try and get back in the habit of expanding and developing this site.

Image updates

Instrumental Temperature Record.png, Global Warming Map.jpg, and Mauna Loa Carbon Dioxide.png are updated through 2008.

New Wikipedia Architecture

For some time I've engaged in a limited experiment of Wikipedia Mirroring, that required manually copying a set of climate related pages onto this site. I've now replaced that with a automated process that copies a much larger subset of Wikipedia's pages on climate and climate change. The goal is create a specialized searchable archive, and add in locating additional free content useful to the discussion of climate change.

Licensing update

I have significantly updated Global Warming Art License and associated pages to expand and clarify the rights granted to reusers.


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